About Us

quant Group was born more than a decade ago, as a financial services platform in the midst of the 2008 GFC, with two simple yet powerful guiding mantras – ‘Being Relevant’ and ‘Predictive Analytics.’ The guiding philosophy of ‘Being Relevant’ means that in a dynamic and volatile world, to remain relevant, and to preserve and grow wealth, the test of time must be passed every day by continuously updating knowledge and innovating on systems and processes. This is enabled by ‘Predictive Analytics’: an all-encompassing framework for understanding and forecasting markets, across assets and geographies.

Over the last decade, quant Global Research (qGR) has created a formidable suite of analytical indicators and formulated the multi-dimensional VLRT framework.

quant Guiding Philosophy

The guiding philosophy underlying the quant platform is Being Relevant : continuously acquiring and refining knowledge to take a differentiated look on markets, guided by the three tenets of ‘Fundamentals are atman, Liquidity is prana and Sentiments is maya.

We rely on systems-based analytics, not subjective opinion. We believe in delivering objective analysis, consistently. And, we believe in providing customised end-to-end solutions to our clients, from identifying the client’s investment needs to profit-booking