quant | Investment Principles

Measurable is reliable

For success in investing, discipline is of more importance than any other attribute of the investment process. Our battle-tested suite of proprietary valuation, liquidity and risk indicators along with extensive financial modelling, ensure that we consistently deliver superior results.

Quantamental investing

While measurable is reliable, we also believe the economy and markets cannot be captured completely by models and indicators. Human judgement that comes from years of trading and investing experience has immense value. For optimal results, our decision-making seeks to find the harmony between objectivity and subjectivity.

Multi-asset, multi-manager

We believe that safeguarding investor wealth is paramount. Apart from reducing risk by investing across asset classes, we take diversification to another dimension by ensuring every investment decision comes from a focused discussion between investment managers with a diverse set of capabilities and experience.  

Money flows from one asset class to another.

Money is a form of economic energy – the quantification of human effort. As the world evolves, a dynamic set of ideas continuously lead the change. Money flows and grows with these pioneering ideas. Identifying them and the specific assets that benefit is the surest and most consistent method for generating wealth. 

Timing is everything

In our framework, time is a critical aspect of investing as the three dimensions of Valuation, Liquidity and Risk interact and move together in cycles across different periods. Alpha generation is optimised only by sanguine identification of the extremes.